“Heroes” bronze


Festival in China, Wuhan city, brought the team “Heroes” bronze and lots of positive emotions. Fly to the dream.

Japan – new city, new faces


The team of “Heroes” has completed a tour in the land of the rising sun. Within two months we gave 73 performances in the program Bolshoi Circus. Oblivious to the heat and weekly trips, we were:  Nagaoka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Kochi and Osaka! In Kochi, Bolshoi Circus for the first time, arranged the circus and the team of “Heroes” the first Russian Flying trapeze, which was performed in this city. During the tour we met a lot of interesting people: artists, hardcore musicians, and a bouncer at the club, the music producer. So we gave one charity performance and pleased Japanese kids with health defects.

Not forgetting to rehearse after the show, the team of “Heroes” has released a new flip trick and a half in feet and it not a limit. Characters will surprise you!

Best Act

Flying heroes decided to participate in the Master Rewards if someone reads it , know! You can help us! Follow the link and vote, number 83.

Flying trapeze


Flying trapeze «HEROES», Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar R.Ganeev, N. Chistova



Silver from 37e Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain


Over the long history of the festival “Circus of a new day”, which takes place in Paris, it was made by a huge circus act of artists from various countries. To everyone who came to the festival, offered a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of creative, and national traditions of all participating countries.

Nikulin circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was represented by Flying Trapeze “Heroes”, at the festival they decided to show the courage and beauty of its genre, and did not focus on production, as most of the participants of the festival, and on the complexity and cleanliness of stunts. The result of this experiment is silver, which was presented by Tomer Sisley (known to many in the film “Largo winch”). During the festival the artists  worked without a single error showing a high level of skill.

After gaining experience and exchanging knowledge with artists from other countries, “Heroes” are preparing for new challenges.



Venetian Carnival


The circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Moscow celebrated its 135 anniversary colorful show inspired by famous Venetian carnival. As the Director of the play was made by Italian master Antonio Giarola.

In the arena of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard hosted the premiere of its stunning beauty presentation titled “Carnival”. Colorful costumes, a variety of masks and the spectacular performances of acrobats — so saw a Russian circus Italian Director Antonio Giarola. The audience saw a great show with the soaring daredevils-gymnasts, clowns emotional and ferocious tigers. The new program is timed to the celebration of the 135th anniversary of Yuri Nikulin circus.

In a colorful setting will participate titular representatives of the genre of circus from Russia and Italy. Invitation of foreign specialists is a tribute to the history. On the territory of our country first circus performance was given of a family of Cinizelli, and Truzzi, who later finally settled on Russian soil.

Moscow circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was based in 1880. In his time there were famous clowns, among which Oleg Popov, Mikhail Rumyantsev, better known under the pseudonym Pencil, Anatoly Latyshev and, of course, Yury Nikulin, in whose honor the institution was later renamed. Currently the Director of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is the son of Yuri Nikulin Maxim.


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“Heroes” victory at the Festival


Artists Nikulin Moscow Circus, an extreme group «HEROES»  won the highest award of “Grand Prix” at the 16th International Circus Festival of Val d’Oise (Festival International du Cirque du Val d ‘Oise), which took place 2 to October 4, 2015 in France.Artists presented the jury their most dangerous, exciting and spectacular attraction – “Flying Trapeze”, which showed incredible stunts and high-quality technical performance numbers. A “triple somersault with pirouette” performed by the leader of the troupe Stas Bogdanov – the members of the jury made a standing ovation.


Extreme group “Heroes” will represent Russia at the International Circus Festival of Val d’Oise in France (Festival International du Cirque du Val d Oise).


This year’s competition will start from 2 October  and already the 16th time the world is the best acts of young professional circus artists from different countries. At the International Circus Festival of Val d’Oise “Heroes” will present to the jury one of his most spectacular acts – “flying trapeze.” Strong tricks, expression of artists and unrealistic human capabilities – the French audience will see the “circus on the verge of extreme sports!”

Japan get circus rock from Flying Heroes


In September, Flying Heroes returned from tour of Japan. During this period, they gave more than 80 shows, their performances blasted a thousand spectators and made one of the most difficult tricks – three somersaults with twists. In the near future to take part in a festival in France.

Master award


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Master award made great clown crying . Animal trainer, who get awards after hard damage -crying , cried popular singer. Because every body get amazing emotion .At the time the award has become a circus opera. Artists for its tenors and baritone changed arena , adding to it something new, but the circus is still lacking , although they were presented , one of the best representatives of the genre . Circus and the truth begins to rise , it is felt in the Sochi whirlwind of joy , because even at the end of the award , the evening near the circus does not alter the festive atmosphere.