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“Heroes” – a group of people who love the romance of the circus and extreme. The basis of their activity – it is difficult acrobatic stunts and stunt . Air flight , running in a wheel of death, and other numbers of various genres . Heroes are full-time artists of the Moscow Circus Nikulin.

Performances of ” Heroes” covered both hemispheres , their performances are from Asia to America. And everywhere they are met by a standing ovation and cheers.

“Heroes” – a group of young, creative , energetic people.

“Heroes” – a precision, innovation, bright images , high complexity of stunts , and lots of positive emotions.

“Heroes” can and will be pleasantly surprised.



Japan – new city, new faces

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Best Act

Flying heroes decided to participate in the Master Rewards if someone reads it , know! Continue reading


Silver from 37e Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

Over the long history of the festival “Circus of a new day”, which takes place Continue reading