How was born the “Heroes”?

At age 17, Stanislav Bogdanov, was thinking about the idea to collect young colleagues and create an flying trapeze team.

Accumulating a little money, completing its work in Moscow, he leaves the flying trapeze group of Vladimir Garamov that would devote himself to the creation of a new act.

Daria Kuzmina, met Stanislav before touring in Japan in 2007, they worked in the same show. Stasnislav fascinated her, sharing thoughts, and enthusiastically talking about his ideas that he was going to bring in the future. Daria was a master of the sport of gymnastics, hereditary circus artist. And dreamed of – to fly. Not long thinking, she decides to join Stanislav new team.

In 2007, in Circus Nikulin in Moscow Stanislav meets  Nikolai Sokolov. At that time, Nikolai, was expelled from the circus school, and was practicing in the Ikarian games group of  Mikhail Skibin. Being the same age, Nikolay and Stanislav quickly found a common language. Not long hesitation, Nikolai immediately expressed hes desire to participate in the creation of the new flying trapeze act, pre saying that does not have the right skills. Stasnislav agreed.

After a short period of time, Stanislav meets with Dmitry Mishinev, a candidate for the Master of Sports in gymnastics. Dmitry at that time, already had experience in flying trapeze. He has already worked in the flying act fo E. Tishchenko. Dmitry accepts the offer of  Stanislav.

And here is the first part of the team, which was decided to name “DiKoStaDa”, the first letters of there names.

In autumn 2007, Stanislav orders the manufacturing of the safety net for the act to an experienced and respected artist, an former catcher, man who invented and creates a large number of different aerial acts, V. F. Lobzev.  Stanislav finds engineers who help him develop blueprints of props for the act. Produces most of the props, in one of the suburban factories of Moscow, and later part of the requisites was made on a helicopter factory in Kazan city.

Arranged with the Kazan circus, in spring 2008, the group ” Dikostada ” is went for the rehearsals. It took two weeks to prepare props to work: preparation of safety net, cables, pullyblocks and of course the building up the trapeze requisites.

At that time a young team has huge problems with money. Nikolai takes her grandmother, a small amount for renting an apartment. Guys rents a one room apartment in Kazan, ten minutes from the metro station Hills, and go to the circus for the rehearsals at night. This is the only free time in the circus. After a month of rehearsals is ready the first working video and they are completely finishing they money. Group forced to return to Moscow.

In Moscow the directors of Nikulin circus is looking a bit skeptically to the idea of Stanislav. But after a month of negotiations, watching videos, and perseverance of team leader, to flying trapeze”Dikostada” was given the time ,choreographer and a small cash rate, for further rehearsals to create the act. 3 more months of reharsals, “DiKoStaDa” goes on their first tour in Belarus Gomel, with the production of director of the circus Elena Poldi.

A year later, the famous circus director Ruslan Ganeev, agrees to work with a team of Stanislav Bogdanov. He advises to change the name of the group on “Heroes”, while partecipated at the festival in Spain, Albacete.