The “Heroes” can not only surprise you, as artists, but also to create Exclusive show for your event. We can create different kinds of air, wall and ground rooms. To realize any of your imagination.

Below are the projects where the heroes were directly involved:

Saint Petersburg on September 10, 2008. The opening ceremony of sea port.

Moscow. May 2009. The opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Vitebsk, July 2009. Competition Slavic Bazaar.

Moscow, May 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Novorossiysk, August 2011. International Bike Show “Epilogue” (Aerial Straps)

Moscow, May 2011. Opening TC Afimol

Moscow, June 2011. Russia’s Independence Day concert on Red Square.

Moscow, February 2012. The ceremony of awarding the National Film Award “Golden Eagle”.

Moscow, August 2013. Inauguration of the head office of the company Mail.Ru. (Dancing on Wall)

Moscow, September 2013. City Day, Rowing Channel show “ArtMosSfera” (Wheel of Death)

Moscow, September 2016. partecipate on ArtMosSfera show with Wheel of Death.