Japan – new city, new faces


The team of “Heroes” has completed a tour in the land of the rising sun. Within two months we gave 73 performances in the program Bolshoi Circus. Oblivious to the heat and weekly trips, we were:  Nagaoka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Kochi and Osaka! In Kochi, Bolshoi Circus for the first time, arranged the circus and the team of “Heroes” the first Russian Flying trapeze, which was performed in this city. During the tour we met a lot of interesting people: artists, hardcore musicians, and a bouncer at the club, the music producer. So we gave one charity performance and pleased Japanese kids with health defects.

Not forgetting to rehearse after the show, the team of “Heroes” has released a new flip trick and a half in feet and it not a limit. Characters will surprise you!