Silver from 37e Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain


Over the long history of the festival “Circus of a new day”, which takes place in Paris, it was made by a huge circus act of artists from various countries. To everyone who came to the festival, offered a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of creative, and national traditions of all participating countries.

Nikulin circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was represented by Flying Trapeze “Heroes”, at the festival they decided to show the courage and beauty of its genre, and did not focus on production, as most of the participants of the festival, and on the complexity and cleanliness of stunts. The result of this experiment is silver, which was presented by Tomer Sisley (known to many in the film “Largo winch”). During the festival the artists  worked without a single error showing a high level of skill.

After gaining experience and exchanging knowledge with artists from other countries, “Heroes” are preparing for new challenges.